Michael Farrar

Artist and Instructor


Michael likes to do non-representational abstracts not because they are easy, but to challenge himself in all aspects of painting.  He believes strongly that understanding the elements and principles of design will make one a better composer of any type of painting.

Starting with color selection, focal points, shapes, and rhythm, he develops a painting from start to finish, using transparent watercolor to achieve rich, complex pieces. Specifically, Michael starts with wet paint on wet paper or wet paint of dry paper, adding various washes, glazes, and textures.  Watercolor pencils are used for highlights and/or contrasts in color.

Micheal believes strongly that watercolor is a fluid medium, requiring the the artist be able to adapt to changing colors and values, shapes, emphasis, and harmony as they proceed.  "Remember, there are no clues or guideposts: we are painting without a safety net!"

Michael invites his students to jump into the experience of non-objective abstract painting to see what they can accomplish.  Demonstrations, techniques, and exercises will be blended with individual assistance to help students open up their painting experiences, which can encourage tight painters to get more color choices and bolder brushwork in their own work.

Non-Objective Abstracts